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Listen to Dr. Alison J Kay’s message to you, the beloved Activate Your Magic members & find out more about the EXCITING new changes to the Activate Your Magic program beginning on April 1st. Then ACTIVATE your special 1-month FREE trial of the NEW Activate Your Magic by clicking on any of the purchase buttons on this page.

A Special Message From Dr. Alison J Kay

Welcome to Activate Your Magic, THE place to integrate & expand! This Vibrational UPgrade™ system elective allows you to plug yourself into high-vibrations & BOOST into your next BIG SHIFT!

It’s where magic becomes a part of your lovely being’s tool set, so you can activate the life of your dreams!

So you may be asking what exactly IS magic?

mag·ic /ˈmajik/ (noun)

the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

As you can see Magic is by definition, a power to influence! It’s not a destination or a physical thing (although it can help to create those things)… It’s the kind of power that is meant to be used to propel you forward and create more for yourself.

  • Where money shows up to pay for that program you know is meant to expand your life,
  • Where the perfect soul connections bump into you in the most miraculous time,
  • Where you begin to feel like Snow White with all the little critters crossing your path to send you sweet little messages,
  • Where the dreams you have been trying to manifest begin to move forward and show signs of actualization,
  • Where you feel supported by the unseen and the seen and realize you have everything you need to take your next steps,
  • And so much more!

It’s where you activate the power within you, so you can make the right choices and take the right inspired action to lead you to living the life of your dreams.

That’s right! You CAN have it all and all that you have to do is join Dr. Alison to Activate Your Magic!

Dr. Alison Is Known for Making Magic Real

What she does clears the unconscious beliefs that are the driving force creating your current reality. You know, those blocks that seem to resurface every time you get a glimpse of magic.

In this NEW 2020 UPGRADED Activate Your Magic you will get access to 2 LIVE group Clearings & Activations.

This is where Dr. Alison goes in, with her ‘lightning bolt’ — also known as the Vibrational UPgrade™ container– and cuts what’s blocking your mind-body-soul connection at the root so you actually shift.

The changes are able to penetrate up to the conscious mind – so what manifests on the physical level changes into what you actually desire, instead of manifesting from the blocks which you don’t desire.

Then the magic begins to activate down into the 3D physical reality we live in, (PLUS the potent 5D, 7D, 9D & beyond, that she brings in with her unique dragon energy only activated with fullness through the Vibrational UPgrade™ container) here on earth!

Dr. Alison also incorporates in the neurological changes, via her intuitive coaching, following along with someone’s unconscious and subconscious shifts, so that as more consciousness is released, they’re then coached and attuned to how to now work with their conscious mind, via mindfulness, so that they CAN actually have the behavioral shifts actually anchor in their lives.
All you have to do is show up, and Activate Your Magic makes it a no brainer to do so! I see it time and time again, SO many people completely change their lives when they commit to this work … 
So whether you are currently a student, an alumni or are new to the Vibrational UPgrade™ World this is where you tap into a powerful foundational support program to help guide you through your Vibrational UPgrade™ journey.


Magic & Miracles

Activate Your Magic, is THE place to integrate & expand! This Vibrational UPgrade™ system elective allows you to plug yourself into high-vibrations & BOOST into your next BIG SHIFT! Plugging you into the Vibrations, Energetics, & Physical Health to support you to wield the power of magic in your life.


ONLY $697 $197 monthly

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to start transmuting self-doubt and lack of self-worth into radical self-love and confidence,
  • You want to begin to transform blocked money flows into receptivity,
  • You’re ready to start shifting your body into alignment to vibrant health and out of pain and suffering,
  • You want to continue to receive Dr. Alison’s latest vibrational updates and upgrades,
  • You’re committed to disrupting the old patterns and want to align with all you’re here to be (the unlimited field of possibilities).

this is not for you if:

  • You already believe you know everything about blocks and mindset and you don’t need any further support...
  • You feel like you’ve worked on the same issue for years and it can’t possibly shift,
  • You’re doubtful and cynical that anyone can help you; that you’re beyond help,
  • You’re addicted to the struggle paradigm,
  • You’re looking for a quick fix (quick shifts yes!).

It’s Time to Change Your Old Story

We’re literally giving you absolute MAGIC, for almost nothing. This is a direct peek into Dr. Alison’s high-level programs that come with a 6-figure investment, to help you shift your life, and shift this planet.
Imagine what you can do with that kind of activation! 

Imagine how that can enhance whatever deeper work you are choosing for yourself!
The insider access you get will literally blow you away. The Vibrational UPgrade™ team is constantly baffled by how much I give away in this program because of the 10x results this small investment comes back to you.


Dr. Alison is just pure magic! …the growth and life changes I have had in my life are unbelievably magnificent. I still don’t recollect how I found her during my darkest times though!

Everything in my life was falling apart, financial, marriage, profession, and health. I was alone and scared with no family or friends to stand by me and actually believe what I was going through at that point in time.

Within 2 months of joining the program, I made the biggest change to separate from my now EX after 18 yrs of soul-crushing marriage. With Dr. Alison’s support the divorce process was unbelievably smooth and the fastest anybody can go through in an abusive relationship.

When the assets were divided, I was told by the lawyers that it would be at least a year before I would see the money and then it was yet another pleasant surprise – 6 wks post-divorce, everything was sorted out.

Big Pharma could not convince me that I needed medications for my autoimmune disease that I was struggling with for 4 yrs. I knew I could beat this too…

Today, I look back and every day I am in Awe as to who I have become in such a short period of time! If you have found Dr. Alison, don’t let go of her… Because she will stand by you thick or thin and take you to a place that you would have never imagined could exist! She managed to crack me open. That is not an easy job by any means!

Always grateful!”



Every step you take to support you in your own evolution creates a vortex of MAGIC for you and the planet that allows every single area of your life to UPlevel.

The reality is if you are looking for MOMENTOUS change and 1-1 support, this program is NOT the only set of tools you need but works great as an elective and partner program and can help bridge you over to the tools that DO bring you MOMENTOUS change!

Now is the time to plugin to the magic and gain vibrational momentum towards momentous change to uplevel your finances, your business or career, your health, your relationships, your freedom, your peace, and your love life!

Here is what's included

  • Stay current with consistent Vibrational UPgrades and energy activations so you can get closer to maintaining & sustaining a higher vibration,
  • Become attuned to the new that wants to get birthed into our new 5D reality,
  • Get yourself attuned to the new that wants to get birthed through you for your life now,
  • Clear out the old that’s still blocking you, polluting your current reality so that you can create the new,
  • Become more aware & attuned to all the possibilities coming alive now for our new paradigm,
  • Diminish the feelings of being lost, having no purpose,
  • Get your spiritual path more juiced up, clear and activated!

Let's Look a Little Deeper


1 60-Minute LIVE Group Clearings, Activations & Energy Transmissions Call with Dr. Alison J Kay

Once a month, you get access to Dr. Alison’s ‘lightning bolt’ vibrations directly in this LIVE group call. Dr. Alison will be tuning into you and the needs of the group, dousing you with nourishing clearings, activations & energetic transmissions that are relevant for at that moment.

Her precision intuition hones into the most supportive transmissions leaving you feeling supported, seen and ready to dissolve what’s in the way to your greatest life. This LIVE call is recorded and the replay is accessible to you in your Activate Your Magic portal.


1 60-Minute LIVE Zoom Clearing, Activation & Energy Transmissions Video with Dr. Alison J Kay +Spotlight Coaching On Select Participants

Once per month you will receive a FREE Pass to the highly sought after themed LIVE Zoom Event.

Powerful work happens in this ZOOM space LIVE on video with Dr. Alison. She tunes into the most beneficial theme (a theme that your higher self and the collective is asking for support on) and does focused Energetic Transmissions, Clearings & Activations Using the Vibrational UPgrade System to clear out the sub-conscious blocks, boost your vibrations & help you THRIVE within that theme.


Magic & Miracles

Activate Your Magic, is THE place to integrate & expand! This Vibrational UPgrade™ system elective allows you to plug yourself into high-vibrations & BOOST into your next BIG SHIFT! Plugging you into the Vibrations, Energetics, & Physical Health to support you to wield the power of magic in your life.


ONLY $697 $197 monthly

Miracles Happen in the Vibrational UPgrade™ Tribe

You don’t have to do this alone any longer. The Vibrational UPgrade™ Tribe is an extraordinary community where miracles happen!
You are probably aware of the changes that take place with such ease when you are on live with me. Especially, those of you who have experienced my monthly LIVE free call. Imagine, that on steroids because you are IN the container in a way that is really supportive and super in depth even at this small level of investment.
“There are not enough words to describe what your program has given me. After decades of suffering my life is only now making sense. Although I had most of the facts and experiences related to what was going on in my life, I now understand how certain subtle energies have affected me. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate and am so grateful for all you’ve done for us all!”

-Enid Richardson

“I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for you and your work. I, like others, have had struggles within the program facing my personal demons of worthiness, talent and basically what the f**k am I doing? Throughout this process, you have guided the ship into a safe harbor where we can have moments of introspection before heading back out into the open seas to confront the next wave and challenge. Thank you. I have always said that Dr. Wayne Dyer was my greatest teacher but I would include you in that Club.

-Margo Saito

“Thank you, Alison, for answering my call tonight. Thank you again, you have done so much for me in just our one conversation.

-Debbie Chapman

“Thank you, Alison, for sharing your gifts with us last night! You helped me a lot, already have new ideas this morning for my business! I feel so blessed to be part of your amazing group of seekers like me. You’re a great teacher and for that, I’m grateful we’ve connected.”

-Joanne Seeberger Pantoleo

I want you to know how much your upgrade tonight has helped me. I am planning retirement at the end of August and second-guessing myself as to whether I can manage financially to do it. Felt immediate clearing on this. Thank you!”

-Diana Wright

I listened to your live show the other night and wanted to reach you to tell you that I received some kind of healing. And thank you! I feel so much better, for the most part. I was really surprised and am rather excited about it because it is unbelievable.”

-Brenda Foster


Magic & Miracles

ONLY $697 $197 monthly


Align Yourself With What You Want More Of…

MAGIC! But to access THAT kind of infinite magic, you have to maintain a certain level of vibration. The kind of vibration that cuts through the blocks, clears out the subconscious fog and creates permanent change. The kind of UPgrade that puts you in the driver seat of choice…
Choosing to…
  • Create the exact amount of money you have been needing,
  • Share your life with the partner of your dreams,
  • Vibrate in joy & expansion and kick to the curb the dread and exhaustion,
  • Support others because you are finally fully grounded in your mission,
  • Connect in with your body in a way that is nourishing, energizing and light.
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you enter and get INSIDER access to the potent clearings and activations directly from the Vibrational UPgrade™ container.


Dr. Alison J. Kay, a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine and Holistic Thriving, is an internationally recognized, Award Winning Energy Healer, who has been a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine practitioner, Yoga & Meditation teacher for more than twenty-five years. As a world-traveler since high school, she eventually chose to live and work at an International School in Asia for ten years so she could study subtle energy and meditation to further speed up and enhance her clients’ results in their energy medicine & holistic wellness sessions. She is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™️ System and has been nicknamed the “lightning bolt” due to the power of her energy healings and clearings experienced by clients and listeners around the globe.

Her more than twenty-five years experience includes working in and teaching Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, Energy Medicine, Chi Gong, TCM, Mind Body Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Longevity through Chinese and Ayurvedic tonic herbalism and Holistic Health, with a specialized focus on the chakra system. She has a Ph.D. as a Holistic Life Coach, while carrying certification in mind body fitness as a personal trainer, as well. Dr. Alison is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit, while applied in a unique way.

She serves both individual clients and larger groups, doing private sessions, group activations, as well as teaching both core and in depth training workshops. In addition, she was the host of a Top 5 radio show on Voice America’s Empowerment channel, called Create Your Best Life Ever!.. She published her cornerstone, award-winning book What If There’s Nothing Wrong? in 2013 via Hay House’s. Her second book, an international best-seller, was released in 2016. Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss – Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition, outlines in great detail this system that helps you create living more in your bliss. Her third book, released in late August, 2019, Reasonable Dragons: How to Activate the Field of Possibilities Where Logical Magic Is the New Normal shot up to an international best-seller within 48 hours of its release. She currently still facilitates outrageously rewarding energy healings for clients worldwide whether via one-on-one sessions or VIP Intensives. Dr. Alison also runs an exclusive Magic, Money & Manifestation Program, as well as a Vibrational Upgrade™ Mastermind Group, while also certifying her Masterminders in Vibrational UPgrade System’s energy medicine & mindfulness coaching on enriching retreats in the heart chakra of the planet, as well as takes VIP clients and her most advanced students – “Dragon Masters” – to sacred sites, power spots, and neolithic stone circles around the globe. You don’t need to believe in this in order for it to work… that’s the beauty of what Dr. Alison accesses – as soon as you experience her work, you will feel the shift within you


When you purchase you are subscribing to a monthly recurring subscription that will automatically charge you every month, 30-days from the date of purchase. If you decide the Activate Your Magic Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at at least 72-hours before your next charge.

Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month but the Vibrational UPgrade™ team will need at least 72-hours to perform the cancellation process. If you send your request within the 72-hours of your next charge your cancellation request will apply to the charge after that and beyond.

For instance, if your monthly charge is on the 29th of every month and you email the team to cancel on the 28th of January, you WILL be charged on the 29th of January but not on February 29th and thereafter. Once you pay for the month you get access to the full month of content however you cannot get access to previous months’ content unless you have come in mid-month.

To get lifetime access to the Activate Your Magic content in your portal make sure to download every resource to your hard-drive ON A MONTHLY BASIS. All content will be removed from the portal at the end of every month.

All prior subscription charges are non-refundable. If your payment does not go through your membership will be discontinued and you will no longer have access to the program.


Alison J Kay does not provide medical diagnosis or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues. The Vibrational UPgrade™ System is an alternative energetic clearing and activations modality, and although there is evidence of the physical and healing effectiveness, the method is considered alternative or complementary and you should not replace it with any medical or mental health-related advice given by your doctor or western health care professionals.