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I have really appreciated studying with Dr. Alison and have learned so much.

Thank you so much Dr. Alison for all that you have done for me, and for all those I’ve seen you support from the first day I attended your free call series.

I could tell your heart and life was (is) dedicated to our spiritual and economic growth.

I hope I don’t offend by saying that your programs are such a class act.

So professionally done – and in such a contrast to a lot of ‘spiritual programs’ which are flaky / poorly run.

It’s obvious how much time and care you’ve put into seeing what will most benefit your clients/students and providing that structure.

Veronica Sanford

After training at the Mastermind level for 6 months, after first completing Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program



Wonder & Magic

The truth is that you CAN consistently manifest through magic, but nobody has actually shown you the genuine how – so that it actually works!

Dear Future Mages of a Reasonable Magic,

You may be asking what exactly IS magic in today’s world?

mag·ic /ˈmajik/ (noun)

the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

manifestation / manəfəˈstāSH(ə)n / (noun)

a version or incarnation of something or someone; the vibrational manipulation of energy to receive a required result.

As you can see Magic is by definition, a power to influence!

It’s the kind of connection to power that is meant to be used to propel you forward and create more for yourself, while in the process, benefitting & inspiring others.

Yet you can only gain this power by going through seeming initiations.

These initiations, or shifts, are meant to take you out of a mind-body-spirit system dominated by the nattering of the ego-mind and intellect. A.K.A. “The monkey mind.”

Where there’s a compulsion towards the past and towards your personality level self, where your identity and what others think is of key importance.

That is a horizontal alignment.

Yet, in order to activate your magic more so that you can manifest more consistently, you need to shift into a system that is heart-centered.

Where you’re connected, open and allowing – and yes eventually magnetizing! – the new, beyond what you’re even consciously aware you’re desiring.

That IS much of the magic! Where something shows up better than your mind could’ve ever planned or strategized for.

Because you’re more led by your internal connection to your Higher Self and Source/The Universe/The Divine.

This IS the definition of yoga: “to yoke with” the Divine and the part of the Divine that is in you.

And that is vertical alignment.

So the initiation you’re likely stuck within or just beginning to scrap your way out of, is where you come out of your small self’s will.

And into Alignment with Source & your Higher Self and thus your Higher Will, so you’ve now yoked with THE Source of power.

And so you can more adeptly co-create with the multitude of daily choices you make.

And where you stop putting off making choices that your heart really wants you to.


  • Where money shows up to pay for that program you know is meant to expand your life,
  • Where that new perfect job opportunity flies in, without you even putting out your resume/cv
  • Where you consistently have increasing synchronicities supporting you to manifest and live within more magic so the efforting decreases and the ease increases
  • Where you finally lose that last 10 pounds and keep it off

  • Where you’re less triggered by the people around you; you have more peace & ease
  • Where you stop being so much in your head, and more in your body, feeling more confident
  • Where the dreams you have been trying to manifest begin to move forward and show signs of manifestation,
  • Where you feel supported by the unseen and the seen and realize you have everything you need to take your next steps,

And, so much more!

You CAN have it all and be joyously surprised by what you’re co-creating as “your all” when you join Dr. Alison to Activate Your Magic!

So why is it so challenging to manifest as if by magic?

Here’s the truth:

You’re creating your life from the old because the (lower) estimates are that 85% of your daily choices are made from your subconscious and unconscious, rather than your conscious thinking mind.

So that means we’re in the territory of your hidden beliefs, conditioning, traumas and yes, even karma.

And having your hidden beliefs be where you make your daily choices from = likely self-limiting choices, not geared towards the new.

And this is where your choices come in, reflecting your real state of the hidden consciousness in you.

This leads you to:

  • not making the choices to better your life.
  • making the self-sabotaging choices you typically do.
  • not being able to manifest better, and more consistently.
  • not having had the results yet for your spiritual path to clear & open much more obviously.
  • not being able to sustain a higher vibration.
  • not being able to shift and live beyond the seeming quagmire of what your ego-mind demands for manifestation and what shows up in reaction to it.

But here, in the Activate Your Magic monthly membership, within the greater matrix of Vibrational UPgrade™ System, this IS the game changer.

No more “just having to figure it out.”

No more “if I just do one more journal entry.”

No more “If I just could get over this one block that I’ve been working on for years.”

No more “If I just find that right affirmation and say it enough.”

No more “If I just find another ‘right’ mentor, or an additional program, product or course.”

The truth is that you CAN consistently manifest through magic but nobody has shown you the actual how to arrange your consciousness so that your mind-body-spirit system is arranged like the instrument it is – so that consistent manifestation works!

We need to get you out of your own way & have your consciousness fill in “The How”



Magic & Miracles


ONLY $697 $97 monthly

After the monthly Activate Your Magic call on Tuesday where you did clearings and activations around receiving surprise money I received the 4th surprise check for the week. I am now up to about 8000 dollars of unexpected money for the week. Anyone considering working with Alison J Kay stop thinking about it and do it.  Thank you Alison, can’t wait to see what else is in store for me.

Marilyn Barnes

VUP Grand Dragon Master+

I’ve come to be known for making magic real!

I’ve earned the nicknames, “Maverick” and “Manifestation Beast” and “Lightning Bolt” – for the strength of the clearings & activations as I stand, command and demand from my higher vibrations I’ve cultivated for decades on behalf of my clients & students – and “Hawk Eyes” – for my ability to pierce through illusion and see what needs to be cleared, instantly.

What I do clears the unconscious beliefs that are the driving force creating your current reality.

You know, those blocks that seem to resurface every time you get a glimpse of magic.

In this NEW UPGRADED Activate Your Magic, you will get access to:

  • 1 live event – receive not only ever increasing potent clearings & activations LIVE, but also much treasured coaching from Dr. Alison, to help you choose and create what will help you flourish in your life more.
  • Finances are always a part of this program – abundance and abundance for all are main themes Dr. Alison has focused on bringing in since 2010, towards this new era.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Alison directly, and ask her questions. This includes Dr. Alison reading your system & consciousness to see what is blocking it, letting you know about this, and clearing it.
  • And then the recorded sacred activations where you’re worked on in real time, within 24 hours – frequently within hours – of the peak of both the New Moon (new beginnings) and the Full Moon (culminations; manifestations).
  • Dr. Alison does research from trusted, professional astrologers who really have their finger on the pulse of this Grand Shift.
  • As she does so, she tunes in intuitively asking for Guidance what will help you all the most for her to focus on and then turn into the clearings & activations.
  • For those of you wise enough to make sure you’re living in an aligned way, sustaining a higher, lighter perspective, consciousness, body and spirit – Activate Your Magic is the way to do so, and with FUN!
  • The opportunity for you to submit blocks you want cleared, directly access & interact with Dr. Alison, and a Q & A segment.
  • 2 sacred activations, one at the new moon and one at the full moon, recorded within 24 hours of the moon’s cycle
  • These sacred moon cycle activations average 30 minutes and are rounds of clearings & activations that Vibrationally UPgrade you to become more aligned with the present, and the energetics the new and full moons are bringing in. This has been a favorite in the past so we’ve brought them back!
  • This way, your blocks won’t have as much power over you in your daily life because you’ll be consistently going at them in real time with both the live events and then the recordings you’ll be given to listen to, repeatedly
  • Being more tracked & supported to actually sustain a higher vibration
  • Being more aligned with the current vibrational backdrop and its influences on the collective, you are supported rather than you are fighting against the energies influencing you and the collective’s reaction to them.
  • A package of bonuses that are the most in demand products that create the most change for folks
  • Potent, intense and fun, playful money clearings and activations for Abundance For All are focused on at all times, not only as a part of the Vibrational UPgrade™ matrix whose vibrations will be feeding you, but direct clearings and activations are done always each month

I studied for a decade in Asia to understand how energy and consciousness works together to become physically manifest, and then how to de-materialize matter back down into energy (i.e. chronic pain, tumors, depression.)

My unique combination of a major in psychology for my B.A. and then dissatisfied with the incompleteness of that field of studies in answering my question, “How do we become the most joyous, most thriving version of ourselves?” I went on to study the human potential field for decades.


During working for change within the political system, as my first career as a campaign field manager, I began to meditate in response to the stress my system perceived from the intense races I was put in to manage, during a particularly key election season.

I was such a natural at meditation and understanding the need for it, that I began teaching it a year later.

While then going for my Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy with a focus on environmental conservation – as was my political work prior to the Masters – I began to sense if real change was going to happen, it had to occur at the level of each individual’s consciousness, which would then eventually reach the 100th monkey theory, or threshold so that real systemic change would become our new reality lived at the mass level.

So I’ve not only studied systemic, collective change, but also individuals’ changes in consciousness – first and foremost by getting to know my own mind and seeing how the nature of the mind is quite consistent across the board with my tens of thousands of students.

After graduation from my Masters I took my first training in an energy medicine modality. 

And as I began to work professionally, relying on my English Literature bachelors which was a compromise from studying individual change within my first major with my then 2nd & 3rd majors focused on collective change (mass marketing & media, then politics) for teaching in the public school classroom, I began to alongside this for a second revenue stream, continue to gain trainings and certifications in energy medicine while administering sessions for clients.

I wanted better results for my clients, and a better life for me that was much more fun, abundant and adventurous, so I chose to enter into the international school system and take a job offer over in where I considered to be the seat of understanding how energy works – the far east, amongst the Chinese where they’re able to live more traditionally yet with a more modernized feel in the democratic Chinese island nation of Taiwan.

And I continued to provide energy medicine & wellness sessions alongside my teaching and administrative roles.

I taught meditation to my students.

I taught first a course I created as an elective, “Global Psychology” and then AP Psych.

While doing so I had many new realizations around the mind and consciousness from my meditation and energy medicine trainings and practices, as I reviewed and taught Psych 101 for AP Psych to my high school students.

These were key in coupling the Eastern and Western understanding of developmental psych and neurology – and how the various levels of consciousness work, within the process of change, and how beliefs get wired in.

I became a chi gong practitioner and teacher.

I went to India during a Chinese New Year break to get formally trained and certified in Yoga & Meditation, seeing as I’d been doing it for decades.

I carry personal trainer certification too, which has much focus on the psychology of change, and how to coach clients through the process of change, including some specialty certification in the behavior of change.
I also have my PhD as a Holistic Life Coach, again, focused on the psychology of change, but from a metaphysical approach.

So I’ve seemed to be Guided through to the world’s best offerings of what tools to use to create personal change within a person, and then evolutionary change within a culture and collective.

And all of that knowledge, expertise and innate skills and interests combine into this offer for you. 

Remember, my intention upon choosing to go to Taiwan instead of say Brazil or the Middle East or even South East Asia for my international school teaching position was because I’d asked for “How can I improve the results for my clients so that they’re more robust?”

Vibrational UPgrade™ System is the result of my life’s work, play & adventure.

I returned to the States with the mission to help dissipate the unnecessary suffering in the West due to not understanding how to work within.

It has seemed to me like the conditioning in the West is to run away from going inside and listening to one’s mind, and facing one’s boogie man or monster under the bed.

So if we were to begin to stop looking outside ourselves to physical manifestations as the more important aspect to life, and we were to instead look and do the requisite work on our mind and consciousness – and thus energy and fields – we’d be able to really become whole.

Our levels of both individual and collective thriving would increase, while the levels of inequity would decrease.

And clearly this involves a rebalancing of the patriarchal masculine paradigm – focused on outside manifestations – with the feminine – internal, or within our consciousness – focus.

The new paradigm that began to be ushered in on 12/21/12 through to 2032 has as a central tenant the rebalancing and establishing a balanced way of existence between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, both within ourselves and our societal organization and structures.

As I researched and wrote about within what was first my dissertation for my PhD and eventually became my first book I wrote my last year in Taiwan – What if There’s Nothing Wrong? – I was taken back to when the Church took over control of the supernatural aspects of life.

And so I’ve been increasingly traveling throughout the UK to understand the ancient wisdom that was once present in the West, before it went underground into the “Secret Societies” or Mystery Schools.

You will receive the benefit of all of this by positioning yourself to receive the fun & play within the activations and the intense clearings within Activate Your Magic.

By being in the Vibrational UPgrade™ container, and receiving these clearings and activations, you’ll have me CUT for you the mind-body connection.

That means that wherever what’s blocking you at the unconscious and subconscious levels and thus have become innate wiring to your daily thinking mind will be loosened up and cleared.

These beliefs – now here is my extensive studies of the chakra system that many say I have a particularly unique and functional view of  – reside in your body, cells and tissues and they take on a life of their own.

These buried beliefs contribute to you feeling as if you have little to no choice in how you show up in life, that you’re “this way” and “that type of person” and “this is how life shows up for you.”

This IS the very work in consciousness I say is my mission; that the West has a dearth in its well-being due to not paying attention to all the power within.

And so by going at the mind-body-soul connection and cutting, or clearing, these unconscious and subconscious blocks at the root, you DO actually shift.

And by knowing from decades of study and application which chakras contain which aspects of life, and then by going in and clearing & activating these centers, you have access to so much more of that Divine light, or vertical alignment – and power.

This is why my second book is titled, Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss – Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition. 

And why I say let’s rearrange your system so it can be played like the instrument it’s meant to be!

These shifts and changes are able to penetrate up to the conscious mind – so what manifests on the physical level changes into what you actually desire, instead of manifesting from the blocks which you don’t desire.

Then the magic begins to activate down into the 3D physical reality we live in, (PLUS the potent 5D, 7D, 9D & beyond, that she brings in with her unique dragon energy only activated with fullness through the Vibrational UPgrade™ container) here on earth!

That’s why, in great part, my 3rd book – another international #1 best seller – is titled, Reasonable Dragons.

So whether you are currently a student, an alumni of one of my signature programs or services, or are new to the Vibrational UPgrade™ World this is where you tap into a powerful foundational support program to help keep you tracked, professing forward while sustaining a high vibration on your path, while affecting your everyday choices and life.


ONLY $697 $97 monthly

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to start transmuting self-doubt and lack of self-worth into radical self-love and confidence,
  • You want to begin to transform blocked money flows into receptivity,
  • You’re ready to start shifting your body into alignment to vibrant health and out of pain and suffering,
  • You want to continue to receive Dr. Alison’s latest vibrational updates and upgrades,
  • You’re committed to disrupting the old patterns and want to align with all you’re here to be (the unlimited field of possibilities).

this is not for you if:

  • You already believe you know everything about blocks and mindset and you don’t need any further support...
  • You feel like you’ve worked on the same issue for years and it can’t possibly shift,
  • You’re doubtful and cynical that anyone can help you; that you’re beyond help,
  • You’re addicted to the struggle paradigm,
  • You’re looking for a quick fix (quick shifts yes!).

It’s Time to Change Your Old Story

As I’ve said in my 2nd and most recently released 3rd book, as well as explored with fellow thought leaders, experts and scientists throughout my two and a half years hosting a radio show on Voice America about this topic, we are living in an era 2012-2032 where the old is crumbling.
This was marked by the Mayan predictions surrounding 12/21/12.
We are currently moving into a new golden era, and this evolutionary leap, according to all the thought leaders and myself – is unparalleled in how much evolution humanity is being commanded to move through now.
I SO want you to be set up to take advantage of all the new possibilities coming in now!
What I’m up to in my bigger programs that come with a 4-figure investment is to help YOU LEARN HOW TO LIVE ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THESE NEW POSSIBLITIES!
So for you now, I’ve been guided to give you more of that higher level work, at a price that most likely if you’re reading this, you can afford.
So you’re being given not only a direct peek into my high-level programs that come with a 4-figure investment, you’re also being given some of the very same work my most advanced students training in Vibrational UPgrade™ System are also receiving!
I SO want to help you shift your life, and shift this planet.
Imagine what you can do with that kind of activation!
This insider access you get will literally blow you away.
You will be baffled by how much I give away in this program because of the 10x the results you’ll see as this small investment returns on all parts of your life exponentially.

Results Like This

Dr. Alison is just pure magic! …the growth and life changes I have had in my life are unbelievably magnificent. I still don’t recollect how I found her during my darkest times though!

Everything in my life was falling apart, financial, marriage, profession, and health. I was alone and scared with no family or friends to stand by me and actually believe what I was going through at that point in time.

Within 2 months of joining the program, I made the biggest change to separate from my now EX after 18 yrs of soul-crushing marriage. With Dr. Alison’s support the divorce process was unbelievably smooth and the fastest anybody can go through in an abusive relationship.

When the assets were divided, I was told by the lawyers that it would be at least a year before I would see the money and then it was yet another pleasant surprise – 6 wks post-divorce, everything was sorted out.

Big Pharma could not convince me that I needed medications for my autoimmune disease that I was struggling with for 4 yrs. I knew I could beat this too…

Today, I look back and every day I am in Awe as to who I have become in such a short period of time! If you have found Dr. Alison, don’t let go of her… Because she will stand by you thick or thin and take you to a place that you would have never imagined could exist! She managed to crack me open. That is not an easy job by any means!

Always grateful!”



One more thing: because these sub-conscious and unconscious blocks are not ones that you typically see nor hear in your conscious mind, you require someone to get the assist to see them for you. 

You can go at it alone, sure!

But it’ll take you SO much longer and there’ll be SO much less fun and WAY more frustration, with those inevitable fits and starts, than if you were to invest in your progress through my getting your back so you shift into where you can then take over, increasingly, consciously.

And clearly – you’re investing in yourself via me; someone who has a proven track record of adeptly and quickly clearing these blocks right on out, while also a proven track record of getting the results, due to the activations then made in place of the old that’s being cleared, with the positive desired outcome for the new.

Here is what's included

  • Stay current with consistent Vibrational UPgrades and energy activations so you can get closer to maintaining & sustaining a higher vibration,
  • Become attuned to the new that wants to get birthed into our new 5D reality,
  • Get yourself attuned to the new that wants to get birthed through you for your life now,
  • Clear out the old that’s still blocking you, polluting your current reality so that you can create the new,
  • Become more aware & attuned to all the possibilities coming alive now for our new paradigm,
  • Diminish the feelings of being lost, having no purpose,
  • Get your spiritual path more juiced up, clear and activated!

Let's Look a Little Deeper

aka “Timely Transmutation Series”

1 60-Minute LIVE Zoom Clearing, Activation & Energy Transmissions Video with Dr. Alison J Kay +Spotlight Coaching On Select Participants

Once per month you will receive a FREE Pass to the highly sought after timely transmutation themed LIVE Zoom Event.

This event is created straight out of Dr. Alison’s asking on your behalf what is up in the collective and in the cosmos that’ll help you most for her to focus this month’s event on.

Dr. Alison does daily, intensive work on behalf of the collective and the shift into this new golden era, about which she’s written 3 books, and had a radio show interviewing specialists and experts around this Grand Shift, what is considered humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap, its Spiritual Awakening, 2012-2032.

Powerful work happens in this ZOOM space LIVE on video with Dr. Alison.

After tuning into the most beneficial theme that’ll Serve you (a theme that your higher self and the collective is asking for support on), she then delivers on the live video zoom event focused Energetic Transmissions, Clearings & Activations Using the Vibrational UPgrade System to clear out the unconscious, sub-conscious blocks, boost your vibrations & help you THRIVE within that theme.  

This is also the one event that is opened up for interaction with Dr. Alison, where you can submit blocks and participate in a Q & A.

Of all the clearings & activations you’ll receive within the membership, on this live video zoom event, this is the one where you can interact directly with Dr. Alison, asking her questions and submitting what blocks you desire cleared.

Even amidst Dr. Alison’s most advanced students who have the most access, including regular video calls with her, this is some of their favorite work to receive from Dr. Alison. And you can get access to this high level, advanced work without even being in her Mastermind program!

New Moon
Activations & Sacred Ritual

An audio recorded by Dr. Alison within the day
of new moon’s influences.

You will be given information from Dr. Alison’s proven and trusted astrologers she’s used for years that you’ve been seeing in the newsletters. Dr. Alison will no longer be delivering this information via the newsletters in the same format.

Instead, this is where you’ll get the info. And then Dr. Alison will perform the relevant clearings & activations that align you to make the most use out of the new moon, in a new moon ritual context, activating the new seeds or running activations that’ll help your consciousness have new seeds burst forth with clarity.

These are audio delivered to the membership site, recorded by Dr. Alison within the day of the new moon’s influences.

This is very much the aspect of Activate Your Magic that has consciousness working in your favor, with keeping you out of struggle and more aligned with the natural vibrational backdrop we’re living in, so that you can use this to the utmost for your advantage. 

This is also where your system will be updated, and kept current, with the most cutting edge consciousness, that sets you up ahead of the pack, or the masses, so that you do not get caught in the potential quagmire of whatever initiations the cosmos are commanding, but instead you have yourself aligned to be taking advantage of it, both with the intellectual information provided, but moreso, with the transmissions Dr. Alison will do around the cosmic alignments and the new seeding meant to be done at a new moon.

Full Moon
Activations & Sacred Ritual

An audio recorded by Dr. Alison within the day
of full moon’s influences.

Same as the New Moon, but attuned to the fullness, the ripeness, the coming to fruition aspect of full moons. You’ll be attuned also to the releasing that full moons command, to help your system benefit that much more from whatever cosmic alignments are happening, while not having the full moon cause you to off, out of alignment, negatively influenced or impacted. 

So here too is where your system will be kept current, and set up to thrive!


Magic & Miracles


ONLY $697 $97 monthly

Miracles Happen in the Vibrational UPgrade™ Tribe

You don’t have to do this alone any longer. The Vibrational UPgrade™ Tribe is an extraordinary community where miracles happen!
You are probably aware of the changes that take place with such ease when you are on live with me. Especially, those of you who have experienced my monthly LIVE free call. Imagine, that on steroids because you are IN the container in a way that is really supportive and super in depth even at this small level of investment.
“There are not enough words to describe what your program has given me. After decades of suffering my life is only now making sense. Although I had most of the facts and experiences related to what was going on in my life, I now understand how certain subtle energies have affected me. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate and am so grateful for all you’ve done for us all!”

– Enid Richardson

“I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for you and your work. I, like others, have had struggles within the program facing my personal demons of worthiness, talent and basically what the f**k am I doing? Throughout this process, you have guided the ship into a safe harbor where we can have moments of introspection before heading back out into the open seas to confront the next wave and challenge. Thank you. I have always said that Dr. Wayne Dyer was my greatest teacher but I would include you in that Club.

– Margo Saito

“Thank you, Alison, for answering my call tonight. Thank you again, you have done so much for me in just our one conversation.

– Debbie Chapman

“Thank you, Alison, for sharing your gifts with us last night! You helped me a lot, already have new ideas this morning for my business! I feel so blessed to be part of your amazing group of seekers like me. You’re a great teacher and for that, I’m grateful we’ve connected.”

– Joanne Seeberger Pantoleo

I want you to know how much your upgrade tonight has helped me. I am planning retirement at the end of August and second-guessing myself as to whether I can manage financially to do it. Felt immediate clearing on this. Thank you!”

– Diana Wright

I listened to your live show the other night and wanted to reach you to tell you that I received some kind of healing. And thank you! I feel so much better, for the most part. I was really surprised and am rather excited about it because it is unbelievable.”

– Brenda Foster

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to manifest what I want right away?

A: It depends on how vertically aligned you already are, how high your vibrations already are, how much purification of your “lower self” you’ve already done – and how different what you desire is from where you’re typically resonating  within your unconscious and subconscious.

Q: Will I be able to ask Dr. Alison questions?

A: Yes, during the live zoom event.

Q: Will I be able to get personal blocks that I am aware of cleared?

A: Yes, on both the live zoom where you can submit them and then during the Group Clearings & Activations call, when Dr. Alison “goes up and into your field” and intuits with her “hawk eyes” what your system most needs to move it forward.

Q: Will I be able to buy only the zoom event separately each month?

A: Yes. The monthly zoom events will still be offered out to the general list. Yet you will be moved along more consistently and contained in the vibrational matrix Dr. Alison has cultivated and will continue to daily in such a way that it’ll Serve your progress exponentially. And, with each of the 4 elements to the Activate Your Magic membership this program is designed to keep you on track, moving forward while contained within a matrix that helps you sustain your higher vibrational state throughout the month. Each element is meant to complement the other, so that consistent movement forward is attained, rather than fits and stops.

Q: Will this help me sustain a higher vibration?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I see results in the first month?

A: Yes. You will be aware of becoming lighter, having more positive thoughts, being triggered less, and feeling connected more to synchronicities and the magic in life.

Q: If I’ve already been in one of Dr. Alison’s higher level programs should I bother with this?

A: Yes. It’s a way to keep yourself updated and upgraded and current, vibrationally and within your consciousness, giving you an edge that you’d gotten used to when in her higher level programs. Keep in mind too, her most advanced students are in each of these events as well, so the vibrational pull tends to lean towards more advanced work, even at this “beginner” level.

Q: Can I buy this for others?

A: Yes, but they have to be consciously aware, consenting to actively receiving this work and being on the live events.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes, but it’s not suggested that you give into reactivity and when your ego-mind may be clearing something out and thus in more resistance, stop the very progress being made. Allow yourself to move through the resistance that always occurs with contraction before release into expansion that always follows. Thus, give yourself typically at least 5 days after each event and receiving of the Sacred Moon Activations before making any choices, to ensure they’re vertically aligned. Your ego-mind is meant to be challenged by this work, so that you can come out of how you’re – and it – is used to being comfortable in the status quo it has created for you, out of its duty to keep you protected. We’re just clearing out where it’s on “overdrive” and finding lions, tigers and bears when you’re not even in the jungle.


Align Yourself With What You Want More Of…

MAGIC! But to access THAT kind of infinite magic, you have to maintain a certain level of vibration. The kind of vibration that cuts through the blocks, clears out the subconscious fog and creates permanent change. The kind of UPgrade that puts you in the driver seat of choice…
Choosing to…
  • Create the exact amount of money you have been needing,
  • Share your life with the partner of your dreams,
  • Vibrate in joy & expansion and kick to the curb the dread and exhaustion,
  • Support others because you are finally fully grounded in your mission,
  • Connect in with your body in a way that is nourishing, energizing and light.
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you enter and get INSIDER access to the potent clearings and activations directly from the Vibrational UPgrade™ container.


One of the keys to actually getting to the point of more consistent manifestation is to be consistent with tending to your consciousness, so that it remains consistently high.

Fits and starts do NOT allow for consistent manifestation, especially when you’re going for something quite big and different.

So this program has been re-designed more along the lines of what my folks receive in the higher level programs at a ridiculously low “starter” price point so you CAN access more of what has been proven to work, person after person after person.

The nature of our times and the KEY moment we’re in right now in our greatest evolutionary shift 2012-2032, calls for this re-design and increased accessibility to some of the higher level work.

And this program has been re-designed in order to help you with what so many of you have been asking for help with – how to sustain your high vibrations, even after a good strong clearing from one single event or tool.

The key elements selected as the 4 you will receive, coupled with the timing of when they’re delivered to you, are going to keep your system current & continuously dosed with regular Vibrational Upgrades.

This way, you’re more in the flow with expansion, magic & ease & possibilities, and you’re consistently feeling fresh & new because you’re more energetically aligned with glistening co-creation of the new, while increasingly less likely to stay stuck, stale or lethargic, unclear and shut down and repeating the old.

But rather than requiring meditation and visualizations to get you there.

Instead you have your system aligned with these vibrations where you increasingly embody them, and choose from these gleaming new choices.

So you continue to increasingly, consistently choose to co-create a reality beyond your wildest dreams because you have the support to do so!

Where your consciousness is working FOR you, not against you with self-sabotaging, invisible blocks. 

And where you stay tracked with the divine construction happening as this new paradigm gets further in place within our daily lives, rather than the destruction from the old paradigm and your ego-mind and past.

This way, you can stay tracked to benefit from the various initiations for humanity to make this Grand Shift, rather than at the mercy of these events meant to catapult humanity forward.

In fact, so you can live on the cutting edge of the new coming in, and be infused with the requisite frequencies to be able to use it to your advantage, rather than missing this and having things spin out of control into crisis.

This is well beyond requiring crisis to change, never mind requiring suffering to evolve.


We are talking Free, Light & Happy as you skip through the field of golden possibilities ripe with Abundance and the capacity for you to continue to grow.

Where you are in competition only with yourself, with how far you can take yourself and how big and fulfilling and flourishing you can grow yourself and your life.

This is where you’ve purified enough of your consciousness that your lower level – ego-mind/identity level self who is more tuned into the horizontal plane of what others think and believe and how life shows up external to you has dominion over you…

To the version of you becoming more vertically aligned, with your Higher Self and the Divine.


When you purchase you are subscribing to a monthly recurring subscription that will automatically charge you every month, 30-days from the date of purchase. If you decide the Activate Your Magic Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at at least 72-hours before your next charge.

Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month but the Vibrational UPgrade™ team will need at least 72-hours to perform the cancellation process. If you send your request within the 72-hours of your next charge your cancellation request will apply to the charge after that and beyond.

For instance, if your monthly charge is on the 29th of every month and you email the team to cancel on the 28th of January, you WILL be charged on the 29th of January but not on February 29th and thereafter. Once you pay for the month you get access to the full month of content however you cannot get access to previous months’ content unless you have come in mid-month.

To get lifetime access to the Activate Your Magic content in your portal make sure to download every resource to your hard-drive ON A MONTHLY BASIS. All content will be removed from the portal at the end of every month.

All prior subscription charges are non-refundable. If your payment does not go through your membership will be discontinued and you will no longer have access to the program.


Alison J Kay does not provide medical diagnosis or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues. The Vibrational UPgrade™ System is an alternative energetic clearing and activations modality, and although there is evidence of the physical and healing effectiveness, the method is considered alternative or complementary and you should not replace it with any medical or mental health-related advice given by your doctor or western health care professionals.